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  • Rosa on 2014-Mar-12 03:09:05 Rosa said

    Recently, I was told about in the Crosswoods area. They have some good stuff on their Chinese menu (English translations ailavable). First time I ate there, I got my old standby for comparison, Dry Bean Curd w/Shredded Pork, which was definitely up-to-snuff taste- and portion-wise. I also had their Beef Soup, which was equally good. It contained a huge amount of tender beef and bok choy. Overall, simple preparation and fresh flavors.FYI: The front of the restaurant is not on Hutchinson. Turn onto High Cross Blvd and pull into the the parking lot it shares with the Chipotle beside it. Sushi Ko is nearby as well.
  • Ahmad on 2014-Mar-13 03:11:42 Ahmad said

    Kulan another Somali<a href=""> rtaesurant</a> on the west side, across Georgesville Rd. from where Sabrina's is located they've been there more than a year (I tend to stay away from brand new places once they've stuck around for a while I figure they're probably pretty decent) and word is that their goat is excellent. (No, I haven't eaten there yet.)
  • Chika on 2014-Mar-13 17:57:04 Chika said

    Afraid the place no longer exitss, although a new restaurant, Temptations 3 , is located there now. Completely renovated and now has simple yet adequate ambience. Only had one take-away, but the King Prawn Tikka Masala (not on the menu, but they agreed to make it for me!) was excellent. It is worth a try. [url=]cpsuao[/url] [link=]hlqixuk[/link]
  • Suet on 2014-Mar-13 20:45:09 Suet said

    The very first time I went to Tainan, I felt like I was in Japan even though it <a href="">woldun</a>'t be a year later that I first set foot in Japan . It was very much how people carry themselves I suppose. Something intangible yet unmistakable, like how people talk, how they stand, how they walk, those little and not so little things mashed up together to form a distinctive culture. It's true, it is not unusual for Tainan women in their late 50s to have Japanese names (Oh well, Hong Kong girls have Japanese names too but I guess it's not for the same reason or is it?). And they can speak Japanese too. I look forward to seeing the movie.
  • Ali on 2014-Mar-14 14:33:27 Ali said

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