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  • Lesha on 2014-Mar-12 03:26:33 Lesha said

    Lashish the Greek on Bethel is fantastic. I'd skip the gyro and more taoiitdanrl Greek menu items, although those are excellent as well, and try the seafood (the best calamari I've ever had, and I love the snapper as well) and the soups. Many of the desserts are housemade as well. My husband used to work in the neighborhood and I constantly bugged him to bring me stuff home. The best part is that the owner and his staff will make you feel like a rock star, especially if you stop in often. It's like a neighborhood diner feel with a more interesting menu.
  • Beauvais on 2014-Mar-13 03:18:54 Beauvais said

    Hi, I'm visiting Columbus for a<a href=""> coplue</a> days for work. Planning to get away from my colleagues and check out the local dining scene. Have no clue other than Kihachi [via Bourdain ]of what to eatv I'll probably hit them up for some sushi. Do you have any recommendations that are quintessential Ohio / Regional local eats? Thanks in advance.
  • Slt on 2014-Mar-13 18:02:22 Slt said

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